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** Curriculum Features

Graduate Program

Graduate Institute of Visual ArtsMaster Program

I. Development Policies and Characteristics:

      Our graduate program dedicates to increase the research on visual arts theory and creation in Taiwan and to improve the quality of arts education and culture. In order to reach the goals mentioned above, our graduate program not only emphasizes on course extension to design, teaching and research but also aims to the interaction with other institutions and colleges. We will establish the Ph.D. program in the future.

II. Course Objectives:

1.To train students as professionals of visual arts.
2.To establish the professional knowledge of visual arts theory.
3.To provide the training programs for arts teachers and to strengthen the quality of arts education.
4.To improve the knowledge of cultural administration and arts management and to enhance the cultivation of culture.

III. Basic Ability Index:

1.To cultivate the abilities of integration of various materials.
2.To develop the research abilities of integration of theoretical and practical creation.
3.To establish the creative abilities of humanistic and cultural sense.
4.To cultivate the capacity of digital arts design and practical arts.
5.To emphasize on the research of local and international aesthetic theories.
6.To focus on the discussion of local art history.
7.To discuss the new thoughts on arts education
8.To design arts education with the combination of local characteristics and community aspects
9.To develop the professional knowledge of cultural administration and arts management.

Credits Required for Graduation:

1. Students are required to take a minimum of 26 credits before graduation including 4 credits in required courses and others in elective courses.
6 credits for the M.A. thesis.


  All students must complete a minimum of 32 credit hours of approved graduate study courses, of which ten hours are required and twenty-two selective. In addition to the course requirements, students must write a substantial, well-researched master’s thesis on a particular interest or issue in potential fields. The master’s thesis is conducted in the last semester, after satisfactory completion of the research course in visual arts. Of the Studio Art group, the student is required to present an exhibition with a written thesis and an oral defense is required for graduation. To make it clearer, we list the course schedule in the following:

Required Courses (4 credits)

Issues in Visual Arts                   2 credits for Art Theory group

Theories in Artistic Production                2 credits for Studio Art group

Methodology in Visual Arts Research  2 credits for both group
Electives  (22 credits)

Courses are divided into the Art Theory core and the Studio Art core.

Master Thesis or Graduate Exhibition with Thesis (6 credits)

Total                                32 credits for graduation






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