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last update time 2023/04/13
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Liu, Yea-Chen,  

Assistant Professor



Ph.D., Biological Science, National Sun Yat-sen University, 2008

B.Sc., Botany, National Taiwan University, 1997.


Office Location: A24-405

Office Phone: +886-5-2717489

Office Fax: +886-5-2717816

Email Address:


Major: Plant Taxonomy; Systematics of Pteridophytes


Current research interests:

My research focuses on understanding the phylogentic relationships of the fern and fern allies, especially on Athyriaceae, which is mainly distributing in Asia. By the evidences of morphological traits and molecular data analyses (multiple DNA sequences), I rebuild the phylogeny of the genus Athyrium and provide the insights of the infrageneric classification scheme. The genus Diplazium s.l. will be further studying; both genera compose the stem of the family Athyriaceae. The floristic works and digital fern flora of Taiwan are my ongoing projects, using web access database and platform to show and update the taxonomic treatments with newly recording species. My present and further studies are list below:

1.    Systematics study on the genus Athyrium in Asia.

2.    Systematics study on the genus Diplazium in Asia.

3.    Taxonomic revision of Vittarioides in Taiwan

4.    Digital fern flora and interactive key


Courses offered:

1.    Biology

2.    Plant taxonomy

3.    Pteridology


2008. Honor member of the Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society

2009. Ph.D dissertation Award. Taiwan Society of Plant Systematics.



(A)Refered paper

Liu, Y.C., C.M. Kuo,, and H.Y. Liu. 2000. SEM studies on Spores in Taiwanese Fern Genera I. Athyrioids. Taiwania 45: 181-200.

Liu, Y.C. and C.R. Fraser-Jenkins. 2006. Athyrium puncticaule (Blume) T. Moore (Woodsiaceae), New to Taiwan. Taiwania 51: 293-297.

Liu, Y.C. and C.M. Kuo. 2007. Phymatosorus longissimus (Bl.) Pic. Serm. (Polypodiaceae): Rediscovered in Taiwan. Taiwania 52: 184-189.

Liu, Y.C., Z.R. Wang and H.Y. Liu. 2007. Confirmation of Two Endemic Athyrium Species (Woodsiaceae) in Taiwan. American Fern Journal. 93: 166-173. (SCI)

Liu, Y.C., C.R. Fraser-Jenkins, V.B. Amoroso, and W.L. Chiou. 2008. Athyrium erythropodum (Woodsiaceae, Pteridophyta), a New Philippine Record. Blumea 53: 447-451. (SCI)

Liu, Y.C., Y.M. Huang, and W.L. Chiou. 2009. Validation of the Name Adiantum meishanianum (Pteridaceae), a Species Endemic to Taiwan. Novon 19: 59-61. (SCI)


(B)Conference paper

Liu, Y.C. 2007. Taxonomic Study on the Genus Athyrium in Taiwan. 4th Symposium on Asian Pteridology . Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Bukidnon. Philippines. (poster).

Chiou, W.L., C.W. Chen, and Y.C. Liu. 2007. Interactive key. 2007 symposium on the plant diversity and systematics. Taipei, Taiwan. (oral, in Chinese)

Liu, Y.C. and H.Y. Liu. 2008. Systematics study on the genus Athyrium in Taiwan. 2008 symposium on the plant diversity and systematics. Taipei, Taiwan. (oral, in Chinese)

Liu, Y. C., Y.M. Huang, W.L. Chiou, Z.R. He and W.M. Chu. 2008. Evolutionary relationships within the fern genus Athyrium (Woodsiaceae), special reference to East Asia. First Symposium of the Flore du Cambodge, du Laos et du Vietnam. Cambodia. (Poster) (NSC-97-2811-B-054-002).


Visiting and Training:

Botanic field trips

2001. China: NW Yunnan to Tibet.

2007. Philippines: Mindanao (Mt. Kingtanglad) and Luzon.

2008. China: NW Yunnan to the boundary of China and Myanmar.

2009. Philippines: Luzon (Mt. Data, Mt. Polis, Bontac, Banaue, Tabuk)

2009. China: W. Sichuan, to E Yunnan, Chongqing.

2010. Indonesia: Java (Mt. Gede)

2010. Philippines: Luzon (Baler, Mt. Banahao, Camarines Norte)

Visiting Herbaria

PE: 1997, 2001, 2006, 2009

PYU: 2001, 2008

MC: 2009

KYO: 2007

PNH: 2007, 2009, 2010

BO: 2010

SING: 2010







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