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** About Us & Center ’s Activities


NCYU is an integrated comprehensive university. The founding president, Dr. Kuo-Tsz ,Yang wished to " bring honor to Chiayi, increase its  national standing  and  become international "He thus took regional needs and advantages into consideration before merging two colleges, National Chiayi  technology institute and National Chiayi Normal College ,and creating NCYU. He had a vision of a diverse, integrated and international university.


In order to develop into an international comprehensive university, development objectives were fixed and  consideration was given to lift the spirits of faculty and students. Cultural diversity is  stressed as a means to achieve  excellence.  The university also seeks to promote excellence in teaching.



1 Aug, 2000     creation of the "National Chiayi University Education Program Center ". The Central office is located on the  Minsyong campus (Administration Building, second floor).


18 Dec, 2002     In accordance with the Ministry of Education policy, the school was renamed "National Chiayi University Teacher Education Center". This center was established in 2001 as a teacher training

program . At first, there were 10 classes of elementary school trainee teachers.


15  Apr, 2003     Fall semester 2003, creation of one new class for vocational high school teacher training2 new courses one for vocational high school(subjectBusiness) , one for secondary school(subjectArts and Humanities.)for school trainee teachers.


25 May, 2004     1 class of secondary  education  trainee teachers at the Department of Education in the Teachers’College switched with a class from  the primary  education trainee teachers at the teacher education center. In the 2005 fall semester, the  center's  recruiting quota adjusted the primary teacher education to  9 classes and  the secondary teacher education to 2 classes.


1 Aug , 2006     In accordance with  the Ministry of Education's teacher training  policy , the elementary education section was reduced to 2 classesThe  secondary education section maintained  2 classes.


1 Aug ,2007     In accordance with the Ministry of Education's teacher training policy , the elementary education section was further reduced to 1 class. The secondary education section maintained  2 classes.


1 Aug ,2009        Following  the school's  merger plan , the teacher education center combined  the practicum  division of  the training and counseling bureau  with the local educational counseling division. Therefore the center now includes the curriculum planning division , the educational practicum division , and the local educational counseling division.


Successive Directors

08-01-2000 ~~ 07-31-2002 Pr.   Li, Ching-Ji

08-01-2002 ~~ 01-31-2006 Pr. Wang, Bo-Shou

02-01-2006 ~~ 07-31-2007 Pr.  Lin, Shu-Ling

08-01-2007 ~~ 07-31-2009 Pr. Liou, Shiang-Tung

08-01-2009 ~~ 07-31-2010 Pr. Yang, Der-Ching

08-01-2010 ~~   present   Pr. Chen, Huo-Cheng


Secondary school teacher training curriculum

In response to the needs of society, the Center increased the number of  courses . Until 31 July, 2008  , the secondary school teacher training  curriculum were as follows:


1.Junior High School Courses in the field of Arts and Humanities Musical artVisual artChinese EnglishHistory Geography.

Junior High School Courses in the field of SciencesMathematicsBiologyChemistryPhysics.

Junior High School Courses in the field of Physical EducationPhysical Education.

Junior High School Courses in the field of integrated activities learning ---Counseling.


2. Senior High School and Vocational Senior High School

courses ArtMusic Chinese EnglishMathematicsHistoryGeographyPhysical EducationInformation ManagementIntroduction to Information TechnologyCareer Planning and Counselling.


Vocational Senior High School courses Fowl and Livestock Health CareFarm ManagementEarly Childhood Care.





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