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last update time 2021/08/04
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** About Teacher Training Center & Center ’s Activities


1Development objectives
Our university's  Teacher Education Center was established with the aim of training professional teachers of outstanding knowledge and ability. The school seeks to prepare teachers with the following  qualities:

(1) Honest and Simple: treat people loyally, be practical.          

(2)To practicecapacity to think independently embody the unity of knowledge and action.

(3)To Innovatecreate an innovative  curriculum and teaching educational values and vision , Pursue excellence in teaching.

(4)To  Serve enthusiasm  and  dedication to service give full play to the spirit of professional ethics.


2 The focus of development

(1)Strengthen full-time teachers and students academically and teach basic capabilities.

This includes not only teaching ability, but also academic research capacity. In order to enhance these capabilities,it is necessary to apply for the relevant teacher education academic seminar, and cooperate to handle the teaching materials design, teaching activities, and the activities of design competitions and so on.


(2) Set a service-learning method for the students of the Teacher Education CenterPromote the Education Service-Learning.


The Teacher Education Center's mentoring system has  set    

a service-learning method for students. The system allows   students to conclude educational partnerships  with educational institutions or schools for Service-Learning.   Students thus  get early exposure to the education scene, It also strengthens their commitment to education.


(3) Continue forging alliances with neighboring educational institutions and  establish  educational partnerships.


The goal is to strengthen and expand the regional educational and cultural undertakings related to units or institutions  inside the partnership. This provides students with more internship opportunities and creates a win-win situation for our university and its partners .

(4) Build  multiple channels to promote teacher-student communication and interaction .

For the promotion of communication and interaction with students, the Center will implement the following measures:

ARegular teacher-student discussions and get togethers in order to build the teacher-student relationship  and open up channels for the exchange of views. This will strengthen student 's professionalism . A double mentor system was  thus developed .  The Teacher Education Center provides mentors to cultivate the spirit of the teaching profession, to enhance vocational ethics training matters and  to promote the students professional ability .

B Implement teacher-student interviews. A notice is put on the websiteTutor time is indicated on the blog. Guidance counseling helps students ' learning. Moreover, this association  enhances  students ' interactions with the center.

CA  teacher's exclusive blog facilitates communication between teachers and students.


(5)Adjust the administrative processes to enhance executive

efficiency and improve service quality.

Adjusting the various administration work processes of the center includes:


AE-mail reporting system for student applications and notifications. Written results and then sent in order to increase the effectiveness of application matters. 

BA new "exchange of views channel " column has been added

   to the website to  provide a feedback on teachers and

 students elations This is an unimpeded opinion exchange



CThe Staff hold educational workshops and  continue to

 Improve service quality.


(6)Cultivate the educational training curriculum and

enhance the effectiveness  of the counseling internship.


ATo provide students with educational training

information To organize the selection of internship

school briefings prior to teaching practice, and so on.


BTo strengthen students counseling To organize intern

teachers' pre-service education workshopsTo enhance the

theory and practice of the link.



7)、Formulation and implementation of annual local educational counseling programs to increase the in-service teacher education pipelineto improve  teaching quality.

AInviting leaders in the counseling region and “teaching excellence” school principals or teachers so they can work together to develop a teaching demonstration model handling issues related to courses or seminars , so as to encourage the team to share its experience and to promote a model of teaching, that will improve the quality of education.

BCoordinate the curriculum reform needs of the various city and county counseling areas of the Education Department. Below the Senior High School level, it is important to promote the various curriculum development and teaching materials and methods' workshops.

CProvide reforming counseling mechanism to local elementary schools in remote areas. This section  assists schools in developing a distinctive curriculum and enhances teachers' teaching methods and innovative teaching material. It also creates advantages for primary schools in remote areas and  enhances the competitiveness of small schools.

DEnhance the quality of primary school teachers in indigenous people areasThe focus there should be on student learning conditions, ethnic language teaching and further study. Alishan Township,in Chiayi County, promotes the exchange of views between primary school teachers so as to provide diverse learning opportunities for “Tsou” students and teachers.

ETo provide practical guidance and further Education opportunities to teachers. This should enhance practical guidance teachers' academic counseling knowledge and should also provide interns (teacher trainee) with opportunities in teaching, class services, administration, classroom management, and other practical coaching skills.





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