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last update time 2021/08/04
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** About Teacher Training Center & Center ’s Activities


I. Improving teaching quality 

1. continue to improve the teaching equipment and to acquire new library books.

2. To strengthen teacher-student interviews implement guidance counseling for students.

3. Present a thank-you letter to encourage good teachers on the teaching quality assessment.

4. Urge teachers to provide syllabus before class each semester and to make a public announcement on the website.

5. Implement the mentoring system, and through multiple channels, strengthen good communication among teachers students and the center.

6. Adjust the administrative processes to enhance administrative efficiency and improve service quality.



II. Upgrading the quality and quantity of research

Besides teaching, encourage teachers to apply         

   for The National Science Council funding or other       

   special-topic research projects, to enhance the

   research  atmosphere. Currently, teachers conduct research alonewe will continue to encourage teachers to participate in academic conferences every semester and to publish papers, in order to  improve both the quality and quantity of research.


III. To establish a university-industry partnership

1.To strengthen and expand cooperative relations in the local education and cultural undertakings related to units or Organizationsto provide students more training opportunities and to create a win-win situation for NCYU and education partners.

2.To strengthen the partnership between NCYU and the training school, and to actively promote mutual professional development.

3.To strengthen the partnership between our

  university and the various cities (counties) within the counseling areas of the Education Department or below Senior High School levelit is important to actively support the promotion of professional development.

IV. Organizational Innovation

  1.To develop and set the basic capability index

of students.

2.To implement the spirit of teacher education

instructorsto construct a double- mentor


3.To strengthen the foreign language ability of

students to enhance students’ GEPT pass rate.

4.To integrate the teacher education and professional development of a consistent system develop a“holistic” and “advanced” professional training of teachers in the system.

5.To develop the "multiple teaching license" system,

and to develop human resources and training in

cultural and educational undertakings.

6.To combine the school's various college

Characteristicsto develop the  regional and

interdisciplinary study groups to train the

related talent in education and human resources.





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