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last update time 2021/08/03
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** Faculty



Chinese Name



Chiang, Tsun-Feng




†Research specialization 

 &Microeconomics      &Applied Microeconomertics  

 &Household Finance     &Industrial Organization


†Academic Research and Publications

 (A)Journal Articles 

  1.Yu-Cheng Ku, Tsun-Feng Chiang, Sheng-Mao Chen (2017), “Is What You Choose What You Want? – Outlier Detection in Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis”, Marketing Letters, 28, 29-42.

  2.Tsun-Feng Chiang, Jing Jian Xiao (2017), “Household Characteristics and the Change of Financial Risk Tolerance during the Financial Crisis in the US”, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 41, 484-493.

  3.Pi-Han Tsai, Chien-Yu Huang, Tsun-Feng Chiang (2020), “Fiscal Expenditure and Industrial Land Prices in China: Theory and Evidence”, Contemporary Economic Policy, 38, 593-606.

  4.Tsun-Feng Chiang (2020), ”Financial Capability and Investment Management of Chinese Households: An Application of Hybrid Item Response Theory”, Journal of Consumer Affairs. (已接受)

  5.Tsun-Feng Chiang, Jack Hou, Pi-Han Tsai (2021), “Fiscal Incentives and Land Finance Cycles of Prefectures in China”, World Economy. (已接受)


 (B)Conference papers

  1.Tsun-Feng Chiang, Jing Jian Xiao (2018), “Women in Charge: Gender Difference in Ownership of Risky Financial Assets in China.” The Society for Economic Measurement 5th Conference, Xiamen University (2018/6/8).

  2.Tsun-Feng Chiang, Yu-Cheng Ku, Jing Jian Xiao (2019), “Simple or Complicated? The Measures of Financial Knowledge and Their Applications”, 15th Western Economics Association International Conference, Keio University (2019/3/22).

  3.Tsun-Feng Chiang (2021), “The Effect of Financial Knowledge on Portfolio Diversification and Asset Choice in China”, American Council on Consumer Interests Annual Conference, Virtual Conference (2021/5/22).






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