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Contact persons NCYU President Chyung Ay met with the first-level supervisors and staff to plan specific measures. National Chiayi University Supports Hong Kong and Taiwanese Students to Continue Academic Study: Accommodation for Free throughout the Semester of Enrollment
  The fact that Hong Kong is currently facing a severe situation and that the Taiwanese students at Hong Kong universities have returned home recently has aroused concerns in National Chiayi University. On the morning of Nov. 19th, NCYU President Chyung Ay again met with the first-level supervisors to plan specific measures to support the Hong Kong and Taiwanese students. NCYU will provide a safe learning environment and channel to Taiwanese students returning from Hong Kong, and Hong Kong students studying at NCYU.

  In response to the current situation in Hong Kong, NCYU mobilized resources available that could be of help to the Hong Kong and Taiwanese students, and proposed specific assistance measures as follows:

1.To continue their academic study: They may audit courses, join credit programs, or access the distance learning platform of their previous school on the computers at NCYU.

2.To apply for admission or transfer to NCYU in accordance with this project: The students interested in studying at NCYU may submit their applications. The students who are admitted may start school as early as on Feb 1st, 2020.

3.The foreign students of our sister schools who are currently studying in Hong Kong may transfer to NCYU with assistance from its Office of International Affairs.

4.The Taiwanese students returning from Hong Kong who choose to continue studies at NCYU will be exempt from credit fees and tuition and fees throughout the semester of enrollment.

5.The transfer students may continue their academic study by applying to any department or graduate institute of NCYU.

6.In conjunction with the project of the Ministry of Education, the number of students will be apportioned in accordance with the additional student admission quota.

7.Teachers and scholars from universities in Hong Kong may conduct short- and medium-term studies at NCYU, which will provide research spaces to support their research work.

8.Around 250 beds in the undergraduate dormitory and around 50 beds in the graduate student dormitory will be available.

9.Accommodation will be provided for free throughout the semester of enrollment.

10.Counselling and career planning services will be offered.

11.Counselling services will be provided to the 71 Hong Kong students who are currently studying at NCYU.

12.Enjoy higher chance of obtaining a work study position.

13.A hotline has been set up for this service.
Contact persons at NCYU:
Yang Shiuan-Jie, Head of the Division of Admissions and Publications, Office of Academic Affairs
Tel: +886-5-2717040
Email: admissions@mail.ncyu.edu.tw
Chiaying Lin, Coordinator of the Division of International Student Affairs, Office of International Affairs
Tel: +886-5-2717064
Email: hiaying506@mail.ncyu.edu.tw

  NCYU President Chyung Ay indicated that it is the duty of a university to fulfill its social responsibility. The major crisis Hong Kong has been going through not only has affected the educational rights of all the students in Hong Kong, but raised concerns among several teachers and students in Taiwan. Thus, NCYU proposed the above 13 specific viable measures in such respects as academic and student affairs, with a view to assisting the Hong Kong and Taiwanese students with urgent needs. The students will be provided with a safe learning and living option, and teachers and scholars from universities in Hong Kong are also welcome to carry out international academic exchange through short- and medium-term studies, continue their research studies and expand the scope of their studies at NCYU.


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