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last update time 2020/02/13
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Ruyu Hung  

Hung, Ruyu 


Distinguished Professor

Office Hour Tue   15:20-17:10 B423
Wed 13:20-15:10 B423


Ph. D in Philosophy, University of Bath, UK
Ph. D in Philosophy, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Academic Experience

Associate Professor (2005-2010)

Assistant Professor (2002-2005)

Research Expertise

Philosophy of Education, Human Rights Education, Ecological Philosophy and Education, Phenomenology and Education


academic-year: 100 Semester: First

Seminar in the Dialectic Study between
Educational Theory and Practice(EDD)

Independent Study(I)(Ed.D)

Educational Philosophy(BA)

Publications in English

Journal Papers

1.Hung, Ruyu (forthcoming) Guest Editorial: Humanising, De- Humanising, Re-Humanising, In-  Humanising in Education.  Educational Philosophy and Theory.

2.Hung, Ruyu (in press) A lifeworld critique of ‘nature’ in the  Taiwanese curriculum: a Perspective    Derived from Husserl and Merleau-Ponty. Educational Philosophy and Theory.

3.Hung, Ruyu (2010) In search of affective citizenship: from the pragmatist-phenomenological perspective. Policy Futures in  Education, 8(5), pp. 489-499. (ISBN 1478-2103) (NSC 98-2410-   H-415-001-MY2)

4.Hung, Ruyu (2010, forthcoming) Living and learning as responsive authoring: Reflections on the feminist critiques of Merleau-Ponty’s anonymous body. Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology 10(1), pp. . (NSC-97-2410-H-415-001).

5.Hung, Ruyu (2010) Journeying between home and nature: a geo-phenomenological exploration and its insights for learning. Environmental Values 19(2), pp. 233-251.(SSCI)

6.洪如玉(2010)後形上學的公民資質與公民教育的批判性探討:從Rorty觀點出發。當代教育研究。18(2) (NSC-97- 2410-H-415-001)TSSCI

7.洪如玉(2010)九年一貫課程七大議題正當性之批判性檢視。教育研究與發展期刊。6(2), pp. 33-58

8.洪如玉(2010)全球化時代教育改革與發展的另類思考:地方本位教育。幼兒教保研究期刊。5, pp. 73-82

9.Hung, Ruyu & Stables, Andrew (Early View online 2009) Lost in space, located in place? Geo-phenomenological exploration and school. Educational Philosophy and Theory.

10. 洪如玉(2009)從動物解放權利議題的探討反思我國課程綱要的環境倫理內涵。當代教育研究。17(3), pp. 125- 148.TSSCI

11.Peters, Michael & Hung, Ruyu (2009) Solar ethics: a new paradigm for environmental ethics and education? Policy Futures in Education 7(3), pp. 337-345.

12.Hung, Ruyu (2008) Educating for and through nature: a Merleau-Pontian Approach. Studies in Philosophy and Education, 27(5), pp. 355-367. (SSCI)

13.Hung, Ruyu & Stables, Andrew (2008) Can we experience nature in the lifeworld? An interrogation of Husserl’s notion of lifeworld and its implication for environmental and educational thinking. Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology. Volume 8 (1), Special Edition: Education. pp. 1-8.


15.Hung, Ruyu (2007). Is Ecological Sustainability Consonant or Dissonant with Human Rights? Identifying theoretical issues in peace education, Journal of Peace Education 4(1), pp. 39-55.(教育部公費博士後研究「(自然與教育)生態愛人權 教育理論研究」

16.洪如玉(2007)。後現代教育是否可能?Rorty自由反諷教育觀研究。師大學報(教育類),52卷第2期45-62 頁。(TSSCI)(ISSN 1681-3138-0583-0249)(計畫編號:NSC95-2413-H-415-008


18.洪如玉(2006)。評介Michael Bonnett《重獲自然:後人本主義的教育》。台灣人文生態研究,第8卷第1期 190-198頁。

19.洪如玉(2005)。理性或感性?Rorty人權思想與其對教育的啟示。師大學報(教育類),50卷第2期:55-68頁。(TSSCI)(計畫編號:NSC93-2413-H-415-007)(ISSN  1681-3138-0583-0249

20.洪如玉(2005)。綜論生態保育與原住民人權之爭議與規範及其人權教育啟示:從丹大事件談起。當代教育研究13期3卷:59-90頁。(TSSCI)(ISSN 1814-4810



1.Hung, R. (2010) Learning Nature: How the understanding of nature enriches education and life? Champaign, IL: Common Ground Publishing LLC. (ISBN 978-1-86335-717-3)

2.洪如玉(2010)。邁向生態智慧的教育哲思:從人類非中心論思考自然與人的關係與教育。台北:國立編譯館。(ISBN 978-986-02-3469-5)(國立編譯館98年度學術著作審查通過)

3.Hung, R. (2009). An authoring view of education through the exploration of conceptions of nature. PhD Thesis, University of Bath, UK.








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