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last update time 2022/04/20
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There are four professors, three associate professors in GIMSE.
All faculties are from famous international and national universities.
Their research interests cover most of areas in Mathematics and Science Education.

Position Distinguished Professor


Name Der-Ching Yang 網站
 tel +886-5-2263411ext.1924
Educational Background Ph.D., University of Missouri- Columbia,USA
Research Interest Mathematics Education
Course The Study of Mathematics Curriculum Development, History of Mathematics and Mathematics Education, Literature Review in Mathematics Education

Dr. Yang

office hour Wed.12,56,Thr.1234

Position Professor

Ru-Fen Yao

Name Ru-Fen Yao
tel +886-5-2263411ext.1923
Educational Background Ph.D.,National Chang-Hua University of Education, Taiwan
Research Interest Mathematics education, Mathematics teacher education, Mathematics curriculum and instructional design
Course Qualitative Research, Abstract Algebra, The Study of Mathematics Teaching Design, The Study of Mathematics Teaching Practice, Multiculture and Mathematics Education

Dr. Yau

office hour Wed.34,Thr.34

Position Associate Professor

Name Shuh-Wang Tsai
tel +886-5-2263411ext.1933
Educational Background Ph. D., The University of Iowa,USA.
Research Interest Science Education
Course Introduction of Science Education Research, Advanced Educational Statistics, Learning and Assessment in Science, Special Topics in Chemistry, Quantitative Data Analysis

Dr. Tsai

office hour Thr.34,56

Position Professor

Shu-Sheng Lin

Name Shu-Sheng Lin
tel +886-5-2263411ext.1931
Educational Background Ph.D., National Taiwan Normal University,Taiwan .
Research Interest Science curriculum and instruction,Teaching and learning of socioscientific issue,Professional development of science teachers
Course Research Methods in Education, History of Science and Science Education, Special Topics in Biology, Cognitive Psychology and Science Education

Dr. Lin

office hour Wed.34,Thr,34

Position Associate Professor

Name Jun-Yi Chen
tel +886-5-2263411ext.1932
Educational Background Ph.D., National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan.
Research Interest Professional development of science teachers, Science teaching and learning
Course Special Topics in Physics, Science Learning Psychology, Social Psychology and Science Learning, The Design and Application of Science Teaching Aids

Dr. Chen

office hour Wed.56,Thr.12

Position Associate professor(Deputy Director)

Name Chih-Hung Lin 網站
tel +886-5-2263411ext.1929
Educational Background Ph.D., National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan.
Research Interest Digital Image Processing, Digital Watermarking/Data Hiding, Information Security, Multimedia Interactive Design and Application, Sport Image Analysis and Application
Course Special Topics in Information Science, Multimedia Design and Development, Application of Distant Learning in Mathematics Education

Dr. Chih-Hung Lin

office hour  Mon.12,Thr,56
Position Professor(Retire on February 1, 2021)

Name Shiang-Tung Liu



Educational Background Ph.D., University of Memphis,USA.
Research Interest Mathematics concept development, Mathematics problem solving, Mathematics Writing
Course Mathematics Learning Psychology、Advanced Probability、Gifted Education on Mathematics





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