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last update time 2022/03/31
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Create Date:2022-02-08
Update Date:2022-02-16
Department:Department and Graduate Institute of Management Information Systems


New NCYU President Han-Chien Lin – Vision 2030: Passing on the Heritage

  Dr. Han-Chien Lin, professor of the Department of Wood Based Materials and Design, takes over as the 8th President of National Chiayi University. The inaugural ceremony of the new president and appointment ceremony of new chief officers were held at the International Conference Hall on the Lantan campus on the morning of Feb. 8th. Hundreds of people attended the ceremony, including former presidents of NCYU; Mayor Huang Ming-Hui from the Chiayi City Government; Legislator Tsai Yi-Yu from the Legislative Yuan; Hwa-Ching Lin, Director General of the Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan; Zhang Yong-Lin, President of the Taiwan NCYU Alumni Association; Luo Qing-Yuan and Lin Guo-Cun, respectively President and Honorary President of the R. O. C. National Chiayi University Distinguished Alumni Association; presidents of regional alumni associations nationwide; guests of honor from the industry, government and academia; as well as the faculty and staff of the university.

  With a loving and cherishing heart, Prof. Han-Chien Lin will perform his duty as the new President with full commitment and adhere to the philosophy of governance: "Teachers and Students–mutual trust, care, and love of the university; Campus–smart life and happiness; Student Recruitment–progressive quality and sustainable heritage; Teaching–whole-person education through networking; Research–passing on the wealth of academic knowledge now and the past; Internationality–establishing an effective exchang platform; Service–fulfilling the social responsibility as a university; and Administration–mutual learning and harmonious functioning. " He hopes to become the integrator of resources and opinions, deploy the resources where needed, pass on the heritage, and develop the characteristics of NCYU. He hopes to become the integrator of resources and opinions, deploy the resources where needed, pass on the heritage, and develop the characteristics of NCYU. He will also devote himself to setting up a clear vision for the university, thus realizing the future goals of NCYU.

  President Han-Chien Lin studied at NCYU (then National Chiayi Institute of Agriculture) from 1979 to 1984. Receiving his doctoral degree from Kyushu University, Japan, in 2002, he has been joining the faculty of NCYU for more than two decades since 1997. With a wealth of experience as an administrator, he has served as Chief of the Planning Division of the Office of Research and Development, Chairman of the Department of Forest Products Science, Chairman of the Department of Forest Products Science and Furniture, Chairman of the Military Education Office, Dean of Student Affairs, Chief Secretary of the Secretariat Office, Chief of the Office of Research and Development plus Director of the Operation Center of Industry and University Cooperation, Chairman of the Global Master Program of Agricultural Science, Dean of the College of Agriculture, etc.

  President Han-Chien Lin has hosted 27 research projects, obtained 7 patents for inventing applied activated carbon, and won the 33rd Forestry Academic Award for Outstanding Contribution to Wood Physical Processing, NCYU Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence in the academic year 2005-2006, and Outstanding Teacher Award at "NCYU Exemplary Learning Seminar" for the first semester in the academic year 2010-2011, among others. From 1997 to 2021, he published 10 book chapters (including 3 abroad and 7 at home) and 96 journal articles (including 48 SCI papers, 5 foreign journal papers, 3 EI papers, and 40 reviewed articles at home), among other academic publications.

  Chiayi Mayor Huang Ming-Hui mentioned that she is forever grateful to NCYU teachers for their unswerving guidance even after graduation, and that the university remains her greatest support in serving the citizens. In the future, she hoped to continue to work with President Lin in serving the community and contributing to the society, so that the good of NCYU can be known by more people. She also hoped that NCYU and Chiayi City could prosper together and secure a place on the world stage.

  According to Legislator Tsai Yi-Yu from the Legislative Yuan, NCYU, founded for over a century, boasts a profound history. In the days to come, he hoped that the university, under the leadership of President Lin, will continue to nurture remarkable talents for our society and lend new vigor to Taiwan.

  In the inaugural speech, President Lin indicated that education requires long-term commitment and planning. Under the changing environment of education, impact of the decling birthrate, future national policies, and internal and external circumstances facing the universities, they need to pass on the heritage of their predecessors, and focus on the development of the characteristics of the university, with its diverse colleges and departments. With limited resources, we should plan for effective and proper utilization of resources, institutionalize the allocation of funds, plan for proper allocation of teachers, and maintain openness and transparency of financial management. The aim is to ensure the basic needs and quality of teaching and learning, and distribute resources where most needed, so that equal importance can be given to education, research, and promotion. With “Vision 2030: Passing on the Heritage – Ten Years to Grow a Tree, One Hundred Years to Educate a Person” as the goal for future development, he expected himself to lead NCYU into a new era.

  After the inaugural ceremony, President Lin hosted the appointment ceremony of new chief officers. In the second semester of the academic year 2021-2022, there are more than 20 chief officers newly appointed, including Department of Biochemical Science and Technology Prof. Chen Ruey-Shyang as Vice President; Music Department Prof. Chun-Hsien Chang as Vice President; Department of Business Administration Prof. Lee Hung-Wen as Vice President; Department of Early Childhood Education Prof. Zheng Qing-Qing as Dean of Academic Affairs; Department of Special Education Prof. Jung-Chang Tang as Dean of Student Affairs; Department of Biomechatronic Engineering Prof. Jain-Song Ju as Dean of General Affairs; Department of Guidance and Counseling Prof. Huang Tsai-Wei as Dean of Research and Development; Department of BioAgricultural Science Prof. Lan-Szu Chou as Dean of International Affairs; Department of Veterinary Medicine Prof. Wu Rui-De as Director of the Office for Academia-Industry Collaboration and Continuing Education; Department of Computer Sciences and Information Engineering Prof. Din-Yuen Chan as Library Director; Department of Biochemical Science and Technology Prof. Lin Yun-Wei as Chief Secretary; Department of Physical Education, Health and Recreation Associate Prof. Yu-Cheng Chung as Chairman of the Physical Education Office; the Department of Applied Chemistry Associate Prof. Show-Jen Chiou as Director of the Center for Environmental Protection, Safety and Health; Department of Education Graduate Institute of Educational Administration and Policy Development Prof. Shan-Hua Chen as Director of Teacher Education Center; Department of Foreign Languages Prof. Fei-Wen Cheng as Director of the Language Center; Department of Biochemical Science and Technology Prof. Liao Hui-Fen as Director of the Alumni Center; Department of Chinese Literature Prof. Chen Mao Jen as Dean of the College of Humanities and Arts; Department of Horticulture and Art Prof. Hsu Shan-Te as Chairman of the Department of Horticultural Science; Prof. Ching-Hsu Chen as Chairman of the Department of Electrophysics; Prof. Jui-Feng Yeh as Chairman of the Department of Computer Sciences and Information Engineering; Prof. Chiang Cheng-Ta as Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering; and Prof. Chao-Ming Lin as Chairman of the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering.




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