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2011 National Chiayi University Commencement Remarks

Good morning distinguished guests, faculty members, parents, and graduated students,

  It is a great honor and pleasure for me to extend my heartfelt welcome to all of you to participate in this commencement. On behalf of faculty and students of National Chiayi University, I would like to express my most sincere congratulation to all of the graduates. We are proud of your accomplishments and achievements! Also, I wish to congratulate all parents and appreciate the efforts of our faculty members.

  In today’s ceremony, we have 6 doctorate graduates, 671 master graduates and 1729 bachelor graduates, who have been successfully equipped with both general and professional knowledge, and are ready to get on the next stage of lives. I sincerely hope all of you fellow graduates can make contributions to the social prosperity and economic development of your country. Now you are the one who is to create a new era for yourself and your country.

  As I have written in the graduate memory book, “dignity comes from your hard work, and success is the result of your will.” In the competitive era, you should work even harder and build up your confidence. You should always remember the Chinese old saying: there is no such a word “difficulty” in the world, as long as you persist and have no fear of frustration. If only you believe in yourself, you may certainly show your talents and create a brand of your own. Then you will have numerous opportunities in your life. Meanwhile, I would strongly suggest that you hold the attitude of being humble, modest, responsible, warm and cooperative when you first become a part of the society. With this sincere and reforming attitude, you will have perfect interaction with people around you and your life will be happy.

  Dear fellow students, remember our NCYU motto “Sincerity, Action, Innovation, and Service”, and our Goals “Pride of Chiayi, Nationally Renowned, and Internationally recognized”. Use your talent and energy to make a better world for people throughout your country and across the world. I really look forward to seeing National Chiayi University grow stronger because of you and be proud of you.

  Finally, I sincerely wish you the best of luck, happiness and great success in your future career. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our distinguish guests, faculty, parents and students for your kind participation in our commencement, and I wish you all the best. Once again, congratulations!

President Ming-Jen Lee



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