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last update time 2020/09/03
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** Faculty Members


Chen, Hsuan-Wien, Assistant Professor

(Ph.D., National Taiwan Normal University)


Tel: +886-5271-7820 (office), +886-5271-7821(Lab)

Fax: +886-5271-7816


Research Interests:

Ecology of Parasitism, Food web modeling, Ecological networks, Disease ecology, Ecosystem ecology


Current projects:

1.      On parasitism of food web networks

2.      Carbon sequestration in wetland ecosystem

3.      Biodiversity and ecosystem model of deep-sea ecosystem



(A) Journal Papers (*corresponding author).

1.          Morand S., F. Bordes, H.-W. Chen, J. Claude, J.-F. Cosson, M. Galan, G. A. Czirják, A. D. Greenwood, A. Latinne, J. Michaux, A. Ribas . 2015. Global parasite and Rattus rodent invasions: the consequences for rodent-borne diseases. Integrative Zoology 10:409-423.

2.          Liu, W.-C., H.-W. Chen*, T.-H. Tsai and H.-K. Hwang. 2012. A fish tank model for assembling food webs. Ecological Modelling 254: 166-175.

3.          Chen H.-W., K.-T. Shao, C. W.-J. Liu, W.-H. Lin and, W.-C. Liu. 2011. Reduction of network robustness by parasitism: fact and artifact. International Journal for Parasitology 41: 627-634.

4.          Liu, W.-C., H.-W. Chen*, F. Jordan, W.-H. Lin and, C. W.-J. Liu. 2010. Quantifying the interaction structure and the topological importance of species in food webs: A signed digraph approach. Journal of Theoretical Biology 267: 355-362.

5.          Chen, H.-W., W.-C. Liu, A. D. J. Davis, F. Jordan, M.- J. Hwang, and K.- T. Shao. 2008. Network position of hosts in food webs and their parasite diversity. Oikos 117: 1847-1855.

6.          Falcón-Ordaz, J., H.-W. Chen, and M. R. Lamothe-Argumedo. 2006. A new species of Vexillata (Nematoda: Ornithostrongylidae) parasite of Attwater’s pocket gopher from Texas. Journal of Parasitology 92: 595-599.

7.          Zhu, G., and H.-W. Chen. 2004. Monophyletic relationship between severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus and group 2 coronaviruses. Journal of Infectious Diseases 189: 1676-1678.

8.          Dronen, N. O., and H.-W. Chen. 2002. Endohelminths from little blue heron, Egretta caurulea, from Texas Gulf Coast. Comparative Parasitology 69: 96-99.


(B) Conference papers & abstracts (2013~present, #undergraduate co-author)

1.          Hsuan-Wien Chen*, Hsing-Juh Lin. 2016. Carry capacity and ecosystem services of the coastal wetland: an aquaculture case. Presented in “the 2nd symposium on Biodiversity and Health in Southeast Asia: translating research to action”. Bangkok, Thailand.

2.          Kai-Hung Liao#, De-Lun Wu#, Zhao-Hui Lin#, Ming-Che Yang, Hsuan-Wien Chen*. 2016. The Community Analysis of Parasites from Asian Toad (Duttapharynus melanostictus). Presented in “the 2nd symposium on Biodiversity and Health in Southeast Asia: translating research to action”. Bangkok, Thailand.

3.          Meng-Jhen Li#, Kai-Jie Shie, Yi-Ju Yang, Heng-Chia Chang, Hsuan-Wien Chen*. The role of host invasion history on parasite community: the case of spot-legged tree frog (Polypedates megacephalus) in Taiwan. Presented in “the 2nd symposium on Biodiversity and Health in Southeast Asia: translating research to action”. Bangkok, Thailand.

4.          Guan-Xun Chen#, Zhao-Hui Lin#, Shu-Na Chen#, Tang-Wei Lin#, Ming Yang, De-Lun Wu#, Kuan-Chieh Hung, Fu-Hsiung Hsu, Hsuan-Wien Chen*. 2016. Age structure of invasive Banded bullfrog (Kaloula pulchra) in Taiwan. Presented in “the 2nd symposium on Biodiversity and Health in Southeast Asia: translating research to action”. Bangkok, Thailand.

5.          Hsuan-Wien Chen*, Zhe Yu Lin, Hsing-Juh Lin. 2016. Trophic Structure of Megabenthic Assemblages at Seep and Surrounding Ecosystems in the South China Sea. 23rd Pacific Science Congress, Taipei, TAIWAN.

6.          李孟榛#、楊懿如、謝凱傑、陳宣汶*2016。外來種斑腿樹蛙(Polypedates megacephalus)寄生蟲群落組成和宿主入侵歷史之關係研究。嘉義大學生命科學院學生專題研究成果發表會。(*通訊作者;#指導之大學生;獲海報展示競賽第1)

7.          廖凱鋐#、吳德倫#、林釗輝#陳宣汶*2016。黑眶蟾蜍(Duttaphrynus melanostictus)體內寄生蟲群聚組成分析。嘉義大學生命科學院學生專題研究成果發表會。(*通訊作者;#指導之大學生;獲海報展示競賽第2)

8.          陳冠勛#、陳淑娜#、林唐褘#、楊敏、吳德倫#、林釗輝#、許富雄、陳宣汶*2016。入侵種亞洲錦蛙(Kaloula pulchra)在不同濕地的年齡結構。2016兩岸濕地聯合研討會,嘉義,台灣。(*通訊作者;#指導之大學生)

9.          張庭瑄#、吳德倫#、陳佳駿#、薛美莉、陳宣汶*2016。七股潟湖濕地魚類食性與寄生關係研究。2016兩岸濕地聯合研討會,嘉義,台灣。(*通訊作者;#指導之大學生)

10.      林哲宇+、林幸助、陳宣汶2016。台灣西南海域冷泉區生物多樣性與群聚營養結構。2016動物行為暨生態學研討會。台中、台灣。(+指導之研究生;獲學生壁報競賽佳作獎)

11.      吳德倫#、薛美莉、方文揚、陳宣汶*2016。寄生蟲在宿主內的交互關係:以金錢魚(Scatophagus argus)的寄生蟲為例。2016動物行為暨生態學研討會。台中、台灣。(*通訊作者;#指導之大學生)

12.      林釗輝#、林德恩、洪貫捷、陳宣汶*2016。影響綠島外來入侵種多線真稜蜥體內寄生蟲的因素。2016動物行為暨生態學研討會。台中、台灣。(*通訊作者;#指導之大學生)

13.      林哲宇+、林幸助、陳宣汶*2015。台灣西南海域冷泉區生物多樣性與群聚營養結構。地熱及天然氣水合物主軸中心104年度成果發表會。台北、台灣。(*通訊作者;+指導之研究生)

14.      林哲宇+陳宣汶、林幸助、陳信宏、王兆璋。2015。台灣西南近海生物多樣性調查:以橫桿底拖網、中層拖網及搖曳式深海相機為研究方法。第三屆海峽兩岸海洋生物多樣性研討會。中國、廈門。(+指導之研究生)

15.      Lin Z.-Y.+, H.-W. Chen, H.-J. Lin, H.-H. Chen, C.-C. Wang, and K.-H. Lee. 2015. Investigation on deep-sea biodiversity in waters off southwestern Taiwan. Presented in “The Omics in the Ocean – International Symposium for Biology Marine and Biotechnology”, Pintung, Taiwan. (+advised graduate student)

16.      Chen H.-W., Z.-Y. Lin and H.-J. Lin. 2015. Biodiversity and Trophic Structure of Megabenthos at Seep and Surrounding Areas in the South China Sea. Presented in “the 2015 Autumn Meeting of Japanese Society of Fishery Sciences”, Sendai, Japan.

17.      Chen H.-W. and W.-C. Liu. 2015. Parasite as a leading indicator for the healthy ecosystem. Presented in “The 100th Annual Meeting of Ecological Society of America”, Baltimore, USA.

18.      林釗輝#、林德恩、陳宣汶*2015。綠島入侵種多線南蜥之食性與寄生蟲研究。2015嘉義大學生命科學院學生專題研究成果發表會。(*通訊作者;#指導之大學生;獲海報展示競賽第三名)

19.      吳德倫#、陳佳駿#、楊敏#、陳昱宇、洪貫捷、方文揚、薛美莉、陳宣汶*2015。七股濕地魚類食性與寄生關係研究初探。第六屆台灣濕地生態學研討會。(*通訊作者;#指導之大學生;獲海報展示佳作獎)

20.      林哲宇+陳宣汶、林幸助。2015。西南海域天然氣水合物滲漏區生物群聚之營養結構與碳源分析。2015年動物行為暨生態學研討會。嘉義、台灣。(+指導之研究生)

21.      Chen, H.-W. 2014. A simple model for extinction cascade. Presented in “The 4th Taiwan-Japan Ecology Workshop: Latitudinal variation of ecosystem responses to environmental changes-Ecosystem comparative studies”, Hualien, Taiwan.

22.      Chen, H.-W. and H.-J. Lin. 2014. Trophic structure of megabenthos at seep and surrounding areas in the South China Sea. Presented in “The 3rd World Congress on Marine Biodiversity”, Qindao, China.

23.      Chen, H.-W., H.-J. Lin and C.-M. Yen. 2014. Trophic Structure of megabenthic assemblages at seep and surrounding ecosystems in the South China Sea. Presented in “12th International Conference on Gas in Marine Sediments”, Taipei, TAIWAN.

24.      Chen, H.-W., H.-J. Lin. and M.-L. Hsueh. 2014. Modeling functional changes of Chiku Lagoon ecosystem. Present in “2014 Asia Global Land Project Conference: sustainable land use and ecosystem management,” Taipei, TAIWAN.

25.      Chen, H.-W. 2014. On parasitism of ecological network. Presented in “The joint annual meeting of The Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology and The Society for Mathematical Biology”, Osaka, JAPAN

26.      Chen .H-W., S.-C. Wang, H.-J. Lin and K.-T. Shao. 2013. Barcoding trophic interactions for deep-sea ecosystem. Presented in “Fifth International Barcode of Life Conference”, Kunming, CHINA.

27.      Chen, H.-W. and H.-J. Lin. 2013. Modeling ecosystem changes and carrying capacity for a coastal lagoon. Present in “International Conference on Challenges in Aquatic Sciences”, Keelung, TAIWAN.

28.      Chen, H.-W., M.-L. Hsueh, Y.-W. Chiu, W.-T. Lo, and H.-J. Lin. 2013. Different spatio-temporal patterns of plankton, nekton, benthic communities in coastal wetlands. Present in “International Conference on Challenges in Aquatic Sciences”, Keelung, TAIWAN.


(C) Other publications

1.        賴美津、劉莉蓮、魏國彥、陳天任、林幸助、陳宣汶2014。天然氣水合物對於深海生物多樣性與生態功能之影響評估(1/2)。科技部補助專題研究計畫期中進度報告。

2.        陳宣汶、薛美莉、林子平、莊秉潔、陳吉仲、蘇義淵、林幸助。2014。沿海濕地碳匯的保育與管理-以七股海岸地區為例。第五屆台灣濕地生態系研討會論文集,頁71-74。台灣濕地學會,新竹。

3.        陳宣汶、林幸助。2012七股潟湖生態系功能之歷史比較(1997 vs. 2011)第四屆海峽兩岸人工濕地暨第三屆台灣濕地生態系聯合研討會論文集,頁71-74。台灣濕地學會,新竹。

4.        林幸助、陳宣汶、李麗華、邵廣昭、邱郁文、張原謀、許皓捷、陳添水、劉弼仁、薛美莉、謝宗欣、謝蕙蓮、羅文增。2011。臺江國家公園及周緣地區重要生物類群分佈及海岸濕地河口生態系變遷,臺江國家公園管理處委託研究報告,臺南。

5.        陳宣汶、林幸助。2011。一去不回頭的生物多樣性。李錫珍編,海洋危機與轉機-新時代永續海洋新觀點43-47。高雄市政府海洋局,高雄。






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