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Admission Information for International applicants
Foreign students may apply to the Registrar's Office for admission to a particular department or institute within the university. They may obtain the application forms from the Registrar's Office in advance, and send to the university from October 1 to February 28 of each year. Applicants be graduates or undergraduates of accredited
universities or colleges or senior high school graduates from foreign countries, and they must have a reasonable command of Chinese and English, a a good record of conduct. Their applications will be evaluated by the department or institute related. Final approval by the Ministry of Education is then required before the students enrolled in the university.

Oversea Chinese students, wishing to enroll in this university, may apply through the National Overseas Chinese Committee as an oversea Chinese student or may choose to apply directly to National Chiayi University as an international student. It is strictly forbidden to apply to both systems.

Local and overseas Chinese students wishing to enter master or doctoral degree program must pass the entrance examination conducted by the university.

NCYU Regulations Governing Foreign Student Admission

1. The regulations are provided in accordance with the “Ministry of Education (MOE) Regulations Governing Study for Foreign Students in the Republic of China” and the academic regulations of National Chiayi University (hereafter abbreviated as NCYU).

2. The aforesaid “foreign students” refer to the students of foreign nationality, neither overseas Chinese nor ROC citizens, who apply to study in NCYU in accordance with these Regulations.  A foreign national who held ROC nationality within the past eight years is not eligible for application.  The provision specified in the preceding sentence “eight years” is from the date of the official renouncement of ROC nationality to the beginning date of the semester in which the applicant intends to seek admission.

3. If a student requests admission to a higher degree program after a lower degree has been conferred at NCYU, the admission  shall be handled in a manner identical to that of ROC students.

4. The basic admission requires that applicants have never failed any previous courses.  The main teaching language used at NCYU is Chinese.  The intended department or institution of study sets the language proficiency requirement.

5. Applicants should submit all of the documents in the list below during the application acceptance period each year. An admission certificate will be issued to those who have been admitted.  

Applicants shall submit the following documents:

a. Two application forms and two recent 2-inch photos (attached)

b. An official photocopy of an original diploma and transcript of the highest academic degree attained at a foreign school. (In addition to the copies in the original language, certified Chinese or English versions must be submitted.  All of these documents must have the school’s official stamp or embossment.)

c. Two letters of recommendation (including one from a Chinese language teacher)

d. An official Physical Examination Medical Report (including a HIV virus blood serum immunity test report)

e. Study plan written in Chinese or English

f. Financial Statement (A bank statement showing a balance of about US$20,000)

The aforesaid “foreign school” includes overseas Taipei schools and foreign schools for overseas Chinese. The aforesaid "diploma," (excluding that issued by overseas Taipei schools and foreign schools for overseas Chinese) shall be certified in accordance with "MOE Procedural Guidelines for Verification and Recognition of Foreign Educational Qualifications."

Foreign students who graduate from a school for foreign residents located in the ROC, or from a bilingual program affiliated with a senior high school in the ROC, may use the graduation certificate received from such a school when applying for admission to NCYU, and shall not be subject to the restrictions set forth above.

6. Applicants are required to submit formal applications to NCYU during the period of October 1 to February 28 each year. Each applicant can only apply to one department or graduate school institute.

7. The procedure for evaluation of admission is as follows:

a. Applications submitted should first be collected by the Office of Academic Affairs and then evaluated by the department/institute that students are applying to. At this stage, applicants may be asked to take tests on specialized subjects or Chinese language proficiency.

b. The related department or institute needs to submit the minutes of the evaluation and application documents to the Foreign Student Admission Evaluation Committee for a final-stage evaluation by March 31.

c. All applications will be reviewed by the Foreign Student Admission Evaluation Committee composed of the Dean of Academic Affairs, deans of the colleges, the head of the related department/institute and the Dean of Student Affairs by April 30. The result will be forwarded to the President for approval and then an individual notice of admission will be sent to accepted applicants.  NCYU shall prepare a roster of admitted and registered foreign students and submit it to the MOE for recordation by November 30.  

8. The number of foreign students that NCYU accepts shall be limited to no more than ten percent of the number of ROC citizens admitted that year.  Where the preceding sentence refers to the number of foreign students recruited, the figure shall not include foreign students registered as non-degree seeking students. 

9. Upon the condition that it will not interfere with normal educational activities, NCYU may recruit and accept foreign students holding ROC alien resident certificates as non-degree seeking students.

10. Foreign students are not allowed to enroll in any classes for the academic year in which one third of the first semester has already passed.  Graduate students, however, can enroll in classes for the second semester with the consent of the department head of the institute in which the student wishes to enroll.

11. Foreign students should submit medical and injury insurance or National Health Insurance documents upon registration. The students without insurance shall pay the insurance fee for an insurance program that NCYU is obliged locate for registered foreign students.

12. The procedure for foreign students’ withdrawal or returning to school is set according to academic regulations of NCYU.

13 After foreign students are admitted, they should follow regulations set forth by NCYU regarding their academic progress and conduct.

14. The tuition/course fees and miscellaneous fees paid by foreign students are the same as those paid by ROC students.  Foreign students may apply for scholarships according to "MOE Guidelines for the Award of Scholarships to Foreign Students."

15. Foreign students who have been expelled by a university or college in ROC are not eligible to re-apply for foreign student admission.  Violation of this rule would result in immediate cancellation of the applicant’s admission or the removal of the applicant’s recognized status as a NCYU student.

16. The Office of Academic Affairs is in charge of foreign students’ applications, academic evaluation and progress; the Office of Student Affairs is in charge of foreign students’ guidance and networking.  Related guidance activities will be held when NCYU sees fit every school year.  NCYU may apply for financial aid from the MOE to sponsor those activities.

17. Foreign students shall follow the "MOE Regulations Governing Study for Foreign Students in the ROC" and related regulations issued by NCYU if encountering any issue not covered in the above regulations.

18. The regulations herein will take effect after the approval at the University Academic Affairs meeting and recordation of the MOE.  Any revision of the regulations will follow the same procedure of approval.

All application forms
and supporting documents should be mailed to:

Division of Admissions and Publications

Office of Academic Affairs

National Chiayi University

300 University Road, Chiayi 600, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Correspondence and Information

For information about admissions:

Division of Admissions and Publications

Office of Academic Affairs

National Chiayi University

300 University Road, Chiayi, Taiwan 600, R.O.C








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