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Department Information

Department of Education

1957 Chiayi Normal School of Taiwan Province, General Subject

1966 Chiayi Normal School of Taiwan Province, Elementary Education Subject

1987 National Chiayi Normal College, Department of Primary Education

Feb.2000 National Chiayi University, Department of Education (since August of the same year)

Sep.2000 First cohort of Education Department Students (including division for Secondary Education and division for Elementary Education)

2005 Secondary Education division was abolished in 2005; Elementary Education division recruits only one class of undergraduate students)

2005 The Department was integrated with the Graduate Institute of Primary and Secondary Education on Linsen campus; both institutions share the same chair and support each other's developments.

Feb.2009 Professor Chiang Ter-sheng was elected as chair of the department for both the undergraduate program as well as the graduate program.

2010 The Department will be formally integrated with the Graduate Institute of Primary and Secondary Education and named The Department of Education with undergraduate, master and doctoral programs.

 The Department enjoys an enduring history and has made great contributions to the development of the university. It is one of the most prominent department in the college of education as well as at the entire Chiayi University.

Department of Counseling


 The Graduate Institute of Family Education and Counseling has been officially integrated into the Department of Counseling since 2010. The new department offers undergraduate program, master’s program, evening undergraduate program, and evening master’s program. Integrating family education and counseling, the department endeavors to provide professional training that covers family education, family and community counseling, school counseling, and corporate counseling from the perspective of human service. In addition to providing complete access to human service education, the department expects to meet the needs of the general public and families and become the first department in Taiwan specializing in the fields of family, community, and school.

Department of E-Learning Design and Management(Educational Technology)

 Graduate Institute Educational Technology has been founded in 2000. Based on Instructional Design Model, exploring all technology, the main aim is to enable students to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts of design, development, utilization, management and evaluation of the processes and resources for learning. Our masters were employed in high schools and industries to promote educational technology.

 Our college has cooperated with Sciences and Engineering College in 2001 to effectuate “A Proposal for the Improvement of Fundamental Education: Establish E-Learning Network in Chia-Yi University to boost creative teaching”( In four years, we have completed the contrivance of E-Learning Network and 24 courses of design, development and evaluation. Thus, we built a new destination of E-Learning in our campus.

 In such an abounding environment, our college established Department of E-Learning Design and Management to educate the students with digital technology literary. Furthermore, we’ll create great digital contents in Chinese and develop advisable Digital management strategies and methods.


 To promote e-learning and make it complete, our program aims to master students’ skill of designing, developing, and managing instructional materials.


 With focus both on theory and application, designing the content and managing of e-learning are the two major goals of our department.

1. Design E-learning

 Integration and application of e-leaning with all courses is the major goal. Flexible teaching strategies will help students to develop the fowling abilities

 Analysis, design, development, and evaluation of e-learning

 Design appropriate materials of e-learning

 Work and cooperate with specialist to develop e-learning courses
 Roles as course-designer, multi-media designer and consulter

2. Manage E-learning

 Information literacy, media literacy and computer literacy are a must in the e-learning field. After taking courses, students will gain the following abilities

 Create a good model to manage e-learning materials

 Market e-learning

 Roles as project manager or trainer of teaching

Department of Early Childhood Education

 The Department of Early Childhood Education was established in 1990. The main goal of the department is to foster the education and development of holistic professional educators, cultivating students' basic knowledge, beliefs, skills and professional working attitude.

 The department has a well-rounded faculty with a wide variety of early childhood specializations, and provides an ideal academic environment for its students. Currently there are 11 full-time faculty in the department including 1 full professors, 4 associate professors, 5 assistant professors and 1 lecturers.

 The curriculum includes courses in areas such as child development, infant and child care environment and activity design, teaching methods and materials, childcare organization administration and management, development and care of children with special needs, professional ethics for childcare workers, and Montessori instruction methods. Students also have the opportunity to obtain certification as kindergarten teachers through the Center for Teacher Education.

Department of Special Education

 The program of our special education department was established in August, 1992. It was designed to cultivate outstanding special educators at the elementary level and related fields. Our curriculum was emphasized both in theory and in practice. In addition to professionalism and teaching strategies, humanism and serving children in special needs are also considered equally important.

 The program for the master degree was established in August, 2008. The master curriculum emphasized the solutions in researches to practical teaching problems. It was designed to cultivate the research abilities for the special educators.

The department of Physical Educati and graduate institute

 The department of Physical Education was established in 2000. The faculties of department of Physical Education in National Chia-yi University were combined from the National Chia-yi Teacher college and National Chia-yi Technical college.In addition, the institute of Graduate School was established in 2003. The department and graduate institute were combined into a unit (The Department & Graduate Institute of Physical Education) in 2010.

 The goal of department of Physical Education (PE) is to educate the capability of elementary PE teachers, coaches, and sports administrators. Students are expected to acquire knowledge-based competence and skill-related abilities in sports-related fields.

 The mission of the graduate institute is Research and Scholarly Inquiry, the preparation of professionals, and the provision of services in health, physical education, and recreation. We embrace lifelong opportunities for discovery, learning, and participation that contribute to healthy lifestyles for Living Well.

 There are 2 full professors, 10 associate professors, 6 assistant professors, and 4 lecturers. Their educational background includes 8 PhDs, 10 nine MAs, and 2 BAs. Their research fields include exercise physiology, exercise psychology, sport management, and sport biomechanics.

Graduate Institute of Mathematics & Science Education

 Since 99 school year, the Graduate Institute of Mathematics & Science Education merges the Graduate Institute of Mathematics Education and the Graduate Institute of Science Education, and divides into mathematics education group and science education group.

 The graduate institute of mathematics and science education is a response to the calls for teacher education and for the educational research. Two main aims are emphasized. One is to enhance mathematics and science teachers’ professional knowledge and abilities. The order is to cultivate mathematics and science education researchers. In addition, the graduate students are encouraged to engage in informal education, including textbook writing, developing teaching medium and devoting to museum education or cram school.





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