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last update time 2021/11/23
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January 2000

 The College was established in accordance with "The Articles of Organizations of National Chiayi University" approved by the Ministry of Education. The following departments were established at the first stage: postgraduate courses in Elementary and Secondary Education, Family Education, Educational Technology ; undergraduate courses in Education , Special Education , Early Childhood Education , Counseling ,and Physical Education .

February 2000

 The University was officially established and hence the College.

August 2000

 Dr Rong-Kwey Tsay, professor of Graduate Institute of Elementary and Secondary Education, was appointed to the Dean of College.

January 2001

 Establishment of postgraduate courses (MSc) in Educational Administration and Policy Development.

August 2001

 The postgraduate department of Science Education and Mathematics Education were shed to the College of Education.

October 2002

 Establishment of postgraduate courses (MSc) in Physical Education &Health Recreation.

August 2003

 Dr. Rong-Kwey Tsay, took his second term as the Dean of Teachers College.

December 2003

 School of Education was renamed as Teachers college Establishment of posfgraduate courses in counseling and Guidance.

January 2005

 Dean Rong-Kwey Tsay was retired.

February 2005

 Dr. Hsin-Hsiang Lee was inaugurated as the dean of Teachers College.

  July 2008

 Dr. Hsin-Hsiang Lee was retired.

August 2008

 Dr. Huan-Hung Wu was inaugurated as the dean of Teachers College.

August 2011

 Dean Huan-Hung Wu was retired.

August 2012

 Dr. Jyh-Chyuan Ding was inaugurated as the dean of Teachers College.

August 2015

 Dr. Yueh-Chun Huang was inaugurated as the dean of Teachers College.

August 2018

 Dean Yueh-Chun Huang was retired.





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