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last update time 2021/11/23
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With clear visions and goals, the Teachers College seeks to pursue academic excellence, diversity, and innovation in the field of teacher preparation and educational research. Specifically, its intended missions covering teaching, research, and service are listed below:

 1) to set up a solid foundation of compulsory education by cultivating competent and professional elementary and secondary school teachers,

 2) to meet the society’s needs by preparing sufficient teachers for special education and early childhood education,

 3) to improve educational research by studying thoroughly each domain of education, and

 4) to serve its social function by offering in-service training programs or teaching consultation.


To fulfill the missions mentioned above and meet the current trend in education, the Teachers College, with every effort, aims at achieving:

 1) ever-lasting excellence by implementing its accountability evaluation system,

 2) a creative and integrated learning environment by offering domain-based inter-disciplined curriculum,

 3) effective instruction by furnishing teaching resources enriched with updated facilities,

 4) outstanding academic prestige in educational research in terms of quality and quantity,

 5) high-quality compulsory education by strengthening its service of educational expertise and supervision,

 6) updated in-service programs for school teachers or educators,

 7) a vital faculty body by recruiting new scholars, well-trained in theory and practice,

 8) a flexible personnel structure to reflect the demands from our society by reshuffling personnel membership among the departments and graduate institutes,

 9) deep-rooted capacity in teaching and research by encouraging teamwork in Teachers College,

 10) active participation in cross-culture research projects via international academic or cultural exchanges,

 11) an IT teaching and learning environment by establishing an electronic teaching net-work on campus, and

 12) the leadership in educational policy through the integration of theory into educational practices.

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