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last update time 2019/11/18
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National Chiayi University Campus Traffic Management Committee gist

1. Our campus to do the vehicles planning, management, supervision and other related matters, to protect teachers and students from driving safety, in particular, in accordance with 88 second semester for the first time to set the campus traffic management committee.

2. Eighteen members of the Committee be set, respectively to Dean of General Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Director of Continuing & Extension Education Division, Director of Military Training, General Services Leader, Security Guard Capitan, Chief of the tudent-government to four campus, student council et to be ex-officio member, and College of preceptors Teacher Representative, College of Agricultural Sciences Teacher Representative, College of Life Sciences Teacher Representative, College of Liberal Arts Teacher Representative, College of engineering Teacher Representative, College of Management Teacher Representative, Staff Representative, TechnicianMaintenance Worker Representative, members get one year term of office. If members are not be able to executive committee functions during the term of office, then representatives of the unit of substitute-term members of the original term of office shall prevail. Dean of General Affairs double with Conveners, Security Guard Capitan double with Executive Secretary.

3. Consideration of the relevant laws and regulations in accordance with the following matters

(1) The institution and amendment of traffic management measures.

(2) The management of the driving and parking in the campus.

(3) The adjudgement of complaint and doubt case.

(4) Setting the executive members.

4. The Council meets once every semester,  as necessary to increase the meetings of the members should have attended more than two thirds present, a majority of the members present agreed that deserves a resolution. Make a record and be implemented after approval of the President.

5. Meeting of the Council may invite the staff to be in attendance.

6. The rules and revision should  be implement after  President's approval.






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