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last update time 2021/04/20
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Create Date:2008-09-11
Update Date:2021-02-08
Department:Department of Food Science
  The department faculty includes five professors, five associate professors, five Assistant Professor, and one lecturers. There are fifteen Ph.Ds, one Master.







Dr. Weng, Yih-Ming

Dr. Weng, Yih-Ming Professor Ph.D, Graduate Institute of Food Science, Cornell University Food Packaging, Food Chemistry, Introduction to Food Science

Dr. Shyu, Shyi-Liang

Dr. Shyu, Shyi-Liang Professor Ph.D, Graduate Institute of Food Science and Technology, National Taiwan University Edible fats and oils chemistry, Food sanitation and safety, Food engineer, Food flavor chemistry.

Dr. Wang, Be-Jen

Dr. Wang, Be-Jen Professor Cornell University Food Nutrition Ph.D   Food nutrition, Biochemistry, Chemistry        Teaching courses: Nutrition, Biochemistry

She-Ching Wu, Ph. D.

Dr. Wu, She-Ching Professor Ph. D., Department of Food Science, National Chung Hsing University Food chemistry, Food safety, Food industry.

Dr. Huang, Jan-Jeng

Dr. Huang, Jan-Jeng Associate professor Ph. D., Department of Food Science, National Taiwan Ocean University

Analytical Chemistry, Food Proteins, Food Colloid, Food Freezing

Tim K. Tso, Ph.D.

Dr. Tim K. Tso Associate professor Ph.D., The Ohio State University Nutrition (OSUN) Graduate Program Nutrition for Health,Fitness and Sport, Nutrition Biochemistry


Dr. Cheng-Kuang Hsu Professor Ph.D., Oregon State University Food Processing, Food Engineering, Food Biotechnology

Dr. Chih-Yu Lo

Dr. Chih-Yu Lo

Associate professor

Ph. D., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Flavor Research, Nutraceutical, Instrumental Analysis and Analytical Chemistry.

Dr. Shu-mei Lin

Dr. Shu-mei Lin

Associate professor

Ph.D. Nutritional Sciences
University of Kentucky, USA
Molecular Mechanism of Diabetic Cardiomyopathy, Cellular Redox Modulating Function of Natural Product, Phytochemicals in Preventing Cardiac Injury

Dr. Hung-Ju Liao

Dr. Hung-Ju Liao Associate professor Cornell University, Ph.D. in Food Science Food Engineering, Food Rheology, Cereal Food Processing, Computer Simulation in Food Processing markliao@

Dr. Huai-Wen Yang

Dr. Huai-Wen Yang Assistant Professor Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison ( Microwave proofing
Reducing the amount of trans-fatty acid usage in bakery
Consumer behavior for healthy food
Low-sodium meal plan design using flavor-enhanced materials


Dr. Ying-Chen Lu Assistant Professor Ph. D., The Department of Life Sciences,NTHU Microbiology

Mrs. Ferng, Sophia

Mrs. Ferng, Sophia Lecturer Master, Department of Horticultural Science, National Taiwan University Food processing Teaching courses: Bakery, Cereal processing, Food fermentation


Dr. Jyh-Cheng Chen Assistant Professor Ph. D., Department of Chemistry, National Chung Hsing University Electrochemistry, Analytical chemistry

Dr. Wen-Chang, Chang

Dr. Wen-Chang, Chang Assistant Professor Ph. D., Institute of Food Science and Technology, National Taiwan University Food Processing, and Food Safety, Development and Innovation on   Agricultural Waste Processing, Functional Foods, Carbohydrate Metabolism





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