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Create Date:2010-08-18
Update Date:2010-08-29

小蘋果  courses of Undergraduate  小蘋果


I.Educational goals and distinguishing features of development:


Food technology is the most important turnbuckle amongst the livelihood industries. To be able to reach the goal of producing food commodities, both rich in nutrients and safely sanitized, as the guaranteed barriers of citizens health, it is indeed necessary for food technologists to unceasingly devote full exercise of their mental and physical efforts. The educational goal of our department is thereby to breed and cradle the indispensable food technology talents capable of lasting out the marrow of land and nation’s development. In addition to traditional food processing and research, the department also emphasize the research and exploitation in the discipline of innovational food involving biotechnology, health and chronic disease prevention, thus match up technological development and society/country demand.

II.Curriculum goals:

1.     Capable of deliberating as well as conducting R&D independently

2.     Possessing knowledge and abilities of analytical judgments and providence of future-planning

3.     Consolidating basic academic achievements to pursue graduate (Master/Ph. D) programs


III.Degree completion:

Upon graduation, students are to obtain at least 128 credits including 72 credits of major required, 26 credits of major elective and 30 credits of general required.

IV. Addendum/Others

Individual Project should be taken from one of the following four research disciplines:

1. Food Processing and Food Engineering, 2. Food Chemistry and Analysis, 3. Nutritional and Healthy Foods and 4. Food Microbiology and Biotechnology.


Major elective courses should mostly confine to those provided by the department; yet the optional major elective courses by other departments with a proviso of Food Science related could be substitutes upon the recognition/approval of the Chair with an upper limit of 15 credits.

Frist Year:



Biology  ( 生物學)

Food Preparation ( 食物製備)

Biology Lab.  ( 生物學實驗)

Food Preparation Lab. ( 食物製備實習)

Introduction to Food Science (I) ( 食品科學概論(I))


General Chemistry ( 普通化學)


General Chemistry   Lab. ( 普通化學實驗)


General Physics ( 普通物理學)


General Physics Lab. ( 普通物理學實驗)


Organic Chemistry ( 有機化學)


Organic Chemistry Lab. ( 有機化學實驗)


Introduction to Food Science (II) ( 食品科學概論(II))


Microbiology ( 微生物學)


Microbiology Lab. ( 微生物學實驗)


Calculus ( 微積分)



Second Year:



  Analytical Chemistry   ( 分析化學)   Food Raw Materials  ( 食品原料學)
  Analytical Chemistry Lab.  ( 分析化學實驗)   Food Dehydration  ( 食品脫水)
  Biochemistry (I)( 生物化學(I))

  Food Dehydration Lab.  ( 食品脫水實習)

  Biochemistry Lab. (I)  ( 生物化學實驗(I))

  Food Microbiology  ( 食品微生物學)

  Food Engineering (I)  ( 食品工程(I))

  Food Microbiology Lab.  ( 食品微生物學實驗)

  Food Processing (I)  ( 食品加工學(I))

  Fruit and Vegetable Processing  ( 蔬果加工)

  Food Processing Lab.( I )  ( 食品加工學實習 ( I ))

  Fruit and Vegetable Processing Lab.  ( 蔬果加工實習)

  Biochemistry (II)  ( 生物化學(II))

  Study of Scientific Papers  ( 論文導讀)

  Biochemistry Lab. (II)  ( 生物化學實驗(II))

  Introduction of Health Foods  ( 保健食品概論)

  Food Engineering (II)  ( 食品工程(II))

  Foodborne Poisoning  ( 食品中毒)

  Food Processing (II)  ( 食品加工學(II))

  Food Freezing  ( 食品冷凍學)

  Food Processing Lab.( II )  ( 食品加工學實習 ( II ))

  Food Freezing Lab.  ( 食品冷凍學實習)

  Practice for food chemistry and analysis(I)  ( 專題製作:食品化學與分析 (I))

  Food Law and Regulation  ( 食品法規)

  Practice for food processing(I)  ( 專題製作 : 食品加工與食品工程 (I))

  Introduction to Food Machinery  ( 食品機械概論)
  Practice for food microbiology and biotechnology(I)  ( 專題製作:食品微生物與生物技術 (I))   Bakery  ( 烘焙學)
  Practice for nitrition and health food(I)  ( 專題製作:營養與保健食品 (I))   Bakery Lab.  ( 烘焙學實習)
  Minimal Processing of Fruits and Vegetables  ( 蔬果輕度加工)
  Minimal Processing of Fruits and Vegetables Lab.  ( 蔬果輕度加工實習)

Third Year:



  Food Analysis (I)  (食品分析(I))   Human Physiology  (人體生理學)
  Food Analysis Lab. (I)  (食品分析實驗(I))   Biochemical Engineering  (生化工程)
  Food Chemistry (I)  (食品化學(I))

  Meat Science and Technology  (肉品加工)

  Food Unit Operations  (食品單元操作)

  Dairy products  (乳製品學)

  Food Unit Operations Lab.  (食品單元操作實習)

  Food Quality Control  (食品品質管制)

  Practice for food chemistry and analysis(II)  (專題製作:食品化學與分析 (II))

  New Technology of Food Processing  (食品新穎加工技術)

  Practice for food processing(II)  (專題製作 : 食品加工與食品工程 (II))

  Survey Design  (問卷設計)

  Practice for food microbiology and biotechnology(II)  (專題製作:食品微生物與生物技術 (II))

  Rapid Analysis Techniques in Food Microbiology  (微生物快速檢驗法)

  Practice for nitrition and health food(II)  (專題製作:營養與保健食品 (II))

  Instrumental Analysis  (儀器分析)

  Summer Practicum  (暑期實習 )

  Instrumental Analysis Lab.  (儀器分析實習)

  Food Analysis (II)  (食品分析(II) )

  Cereal Processing  (穀類加工)

  Food Analysis Lab. (II)  (食品分析實驗(II) )

  Cereal Processing Lab.  (穀類加工實習)

  Food Chemistry (II)  (食品化學(II))

  Canning  (罐頭製造 )

  Practice for food chemistry and analysis(III)  (專題製作:食品化學與分析 (III))

  Canning Lab.  (罐頭製造實習)
  Practice for food processing(III)  (專題製作 : 食品加工與食品工程 (III))   Chinese Snack  (中式點心)
  Practice for food microbiology and biotechnology(III)  (專題製作:食品微生物與生物技術 (III))   Chinese Snack   Lab.  (中式點心實習)
  Practice for nitrition and health food(III)  (專題製作:營養與保健食品 (III))   Functionality Evaluation for Health Food  (保健食品功能評估 )
  Nutrition  (營養學)   Food Packaging  (食品包裝)
  Physical Properties of Foods  (食品物性學 )
  Physical Properties of Foods Lab.  (食品物性學實驗 )
  Food Toxicology  (食品毒物學)
  Food Additives  (食品添加物 )
  Food Proteins  (食品蛋白質 )
  Enzymology   (酵素學)

Fourth Year:



 Seminar (I)   (專題討論(I))  Industrial Microbiology    (工業微生物)
 Seminar (II)   (專題討論(II))  Nutrition in the Life Span   (生命期營養)

 Introductory Biometry   (生物統計學概論)

 Principles of Biomass Production and Purification   (生質量產與純化技術概論)

 Food Edible Oils and Fats   (食用油脂)

 Food Plant Operation and Management   (食品工廠經營及管理)

 Food Biotechnology   (食品生物技術)

 Emulsifers in Food Technology   (食品用乳化劑)

 Food Quality Management   (食品品質管理)

 Food Carbohydrates   (食品碳水化合物)

 The Analysis of Crude and Bioactive Materials   (原料與活性材料分析)

 Brewing Technology   (酒類釀造技術)

 Brewing Technology Lab.   (酒類釀造技術實習)


 Fermentation   (發酵學)
 Fermentation Lab.   (發酵學實習 )
 Special Topice in Agricultural Product Processing   (農特產品加工)
 Special Topice in Agricultural Product Processing Lab.   (農特產品加工實習)
 Nutrition Assessment   (營養評估)
 Nutrition and Immunology   (營養與免疫學)
 Introduction to Free Radicals   (自由基概論)
 Food Marketing   (食品行銷學)
 Food Flavor Chemistry   (食品香味化學)
 Food Sensory Evaluation   (食品感官品評)
 Food Sensory Evaluation Lab.   (食品感官品評實習)
 Food Colloid   (食品膠體學)
 Food Colloid Lab.   (食品膠體學實習)
 Food Sanitation and   Safety   (食品衛生與安全)
 Diets and Chronic Diseases   (飲食與慢性疾病 )
 Beverage Preparation   (飲料調製)
 New Product Development   (新產品開發 )
 Nutrition for Health,Fitness and Sport  ( 運動與營養保健)
 Introductory Experimental Design   (實驗設計概論)
 Dietary Planning   (膳食設計 )
 Therapeutic Nutrition   (膳食療養)
 Food Service Hygiene and Safety Practice   (餐飲衛生安全實務)
 Clinical Nutrition   (臨床營養學 )
 Convenient Food Production Technology   (簡便食品製造技術)
 Convenient Food Production Technology Lab.   (簡便食品製造技術實習)

(Name of elective courses may be the trend with the technology transaction)





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