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last update time 2022/08/02
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Working parameters
Provide sanitation & health information & enquiry services
1.Set up " sanitation and health information area" to display sanitation and health related information.
2.Set up book shelf for sanitation & health reference books for student to read.
3.Set up notice board of sanitation and health to post information,Update preventive health information from time to time

4.Provide school students 
social health enquiry and instruction. 
5.Organize sanitation and health Seminar.
Arrange health inspection and conduct defects correction
1.Arrange health inspection for freshmen annually.
2.Set up follow-up file when individual student found ad-normal from health inspection. Transfer to hospital for further treatment if necessary.
Arrange training activities
Arrange restaurant staff to participate sanitation and health introduction courses every semester.
Improve healthy environment of food & beverage within campus.
1.Set up good sanitation practices for food & beverages business, as well as to define management procedures.
2.Assist food & beverages business to set up a self-management system, increase management capability of supervisors.
3.Assist dietary committee to set up business contract and sanitation and health rating standard, participate in qualification verification.
4.To inspect school shop, supermarket and food & beverage suppliers weekly.
5.Set up notification of out of requirement of food sanitation and health mechanism and handling process within campus.
Medical services
1.Provide physical check-up i.e. Body fat, blood pressure?lood sugar, body height?ody weight for teachers and students.
2.Provide accident injury and serious sickness medical transfer services.
3.Handle students Safety and medical insurance.
Supporting first-aids and looking after all school activities.
5.Designate special contract with good hospital and medical services agents.





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