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Huang, Kuang-Liang

Department of Horticulture


Name:Huang, Kuang-Liang


LAB:Research Room of Floriculture




Specialties and Research Interests:Flower Cultivation Techniques, Botanical Landscape, Horticultural Plant Breeding, Planting  Design

Courses:Seminar, Practice of Horticultural Farm, Plant Growth Regulators, Botanical Landscape, Horticultural Plant Breeding, Planting  Design.

Education:Ph.D., Japan Kyushu University.

Publication List

(A) Journal Papers

01.Sakazono, S., M. Hiramatsu, H. Okubo, K. L. Huang and C. L. Huang.2009.Origin of Lilium 
      longiflorum Thunb. ‘Hinomoto’ . J. Japan. Soc. Hort. Sci. 78(2):231-235.(SCI)

02.Tsai, Y. H., J. J. Tsai, and K. L. Huang. 2007. A Diagnosis of the Present Condition of Campus Structures and Humanity Facilities--A Case Study on National Formosa University. Jouranl of National Huwei University of Science & Technology 26(3): 31-41.

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05.Hung, P. N., C. F. Tung, K. L. Huang, C. F. Tsai, S. S. Yeh, and T. C. Huan. 2005. People's Benefit Sought, Risk Evaluation and Willingness to Try Horticultural Therapy. J. Agric. For.(NCYU) 2(2): 54-66.

06.Huang, K. L., C. F. Tung, S. S. Yeh, C. F. Tsai, and T. C. Huan. 2005. The Application of Marketing Mix on Papaya Export Business. J. Agric. For.(NCYU) 2(2): 67-95.

07.Huang, C. H., S. T. Hsu, R. S. Shen, and K. L. Huang. 2005. Influences of Different Day/Night Temperature and Topping Flower Stalks Treatment to Inhibit Flower Stalk Emergence of Phalaenopsis. Seed & Nursery. 7(1): 90-105.

08.Tung, C. F., K. L. Huang, Y. T. Wang, S. S. Yeh, and T. C. Huan. A Case Study on Tourists' Behavior of Wu-Shu-Lin Sugar Factory, Taiwan Sugar Corporation. J. Agric. For.(NCYU) 2(1): 18-34.

09.Wang, Y. T., K. L. Huang, C. F. Tung, S. S. Yeh, and T. C. Huan. 2005. Study on the Transition of Taiwan Sugar Corporation into Tourism/Leisure Business. J. Agric. For.(NCYU) 2(1): 1-17.

10.Hsu, S. H., K. L. Huang, A. S. Hwang, and T. B. Huang. 2005. A High performance Liquid Chromatograply Method for Determining Lycopene α-Carotene and β-Carotene. J. Chinese Soc. Hort. Sci. 51(1): 99-108.

11.Hsu, S. H., A. S. Hwang, and K. L. Huang. 2004. Influences of Fruit Bagged Treatments on Fruit Color and Major Peel Pigment Constituents of Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macf. "Ruby"). J. Chinese Soc. Hort. Sci. 50(4): 393-404.

12.Hwang, A. S., K. L. Huang, and S. H. Hsu. 2004. Effect of Bagging with Black Paper on Coloration and Furit Quality of 'Ruby' Grapefruit. J. Agri. Res. China 53(4): 229-238.

13.Huang K. L., L. J. Liao, R. S. Shen, W. S. Chen, and Y. H. Lin. 2002. The synergistic effect of maleic hydrazide (1.2-dihydro-3,6 pyridazinedione) and sucrose on vase life of cut roses. Aust. J. Exp. Agri. 42: 637-641.

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17.Liao, L. J., Y. H. Lin, K. L. Huang, and W. S. Chen. 2001. Vase Life of Eustoma grandiflorum as Affected by Aluminum Sulfate. Bot. Bull. Acad. Sin. 42(1): 35-38.

18.Liao, L. J., Y. H. Lin, K. L. Huang, W. S. Chen, and Y. M. Cheng. 2000. Postharvest Life of Cut Rose Flowers as Affected by Silver Thiosulfate and Sucrose. Bot. Bull. Acad. Sin. 41(4): 299-303.

19.Huang, T. H., K. L. Huang, and T. M. Shen. 2000. Effects of MediaCytokinins and Decapitation on Growth of Begonia semperflorens. J. Chiayi U. 70: 29-41.

20.Shen, R. S., K. L. Huang, and T. M. Shen. 1998. In vitro propagation in young inflorescence culture of Polianthes tuberose. J. Chiayi Ins. Tec. 56: 1-13.

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24.Shen, T. M., R. S. Shen, and K. L. Huang. 1991. Studies on the flower bud development and the regulation of the flowering of tuberose (Polianthes tuberose L.). J. Chinese Soc. Hort. Sci. 37(1): 10-20.



(B) Conference Papers


01.沈再木、黃光亮、杜柏勳、吳倩芳. 2004. 加入世界貿易組織台灣花卉產業之發展趨勢. 山坡地農業經營研討會論文集p.41-57.

02.沈再木、黃光亮、沈榮壽、徐善德. 2005. 台灣蝴蝶蘭產業現況與未來發展. 蘭花產業及病蟲害管理研討會p1-1~1-4.

03.黃光亮、沈再木、沈榮壽、杜柏動、黃達雄. 2006. 夜來香育種. 花卉育種研討會p122-136.



(C) Research Reports


01.黃光亮、沈再木、沈榮壽、杜柏勳、翁瓊珍. 2005. 鄒族普亞娜觀光花卉園區綜合規劃工作成果報告書. 國立嘉義大學/交通觀光局阿里山國家風景區管理處編印.

02.沈再木、黃光亮、沈榮壽、徐善德. 2005. 蘭花產業及病蟲害管理研討會專輯.

03.黃達雄、沈再木、黃光亮、沈榮壽、李堂察、鄭明發. 2000. 實用花卉栽培技術專輯2-夜來香. 財團法人台灣區花卉發展協會. 79pp.


(D) Books & Other Works


01.黃光亮、沈再木、沈榮壽、杜柏勳、翁瓊珍. 2004. 嘉義市整體道路植栽維護管理再利用計畫. 國立嘉義大學嘉義市政府編印.

02.沈再木、黃光亮、沈榮壽、杜柏勳. 2003. 草本花卉100. 國立嘉義大學編印.

03.沈再木、黃光亮、沈榮壽、陳柏源. 2002. 嘉義市常見景觀花木. 國立嘉義大學嘉義市政府編印. 128pp.

04.沈再木、陳揚文、黃光亮. 1998. 泰國蘭花苗圃登錄制度. 國立嘉義技術學院編印.

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