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last update time 2022/02/07
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English Proficiency Graduation Requirement

To ensure students’ English language proficiency, the English Proficiency Graduation Requirement has been established. NCYU legislated the “NCYU Undergraduate English Proficiency Enhancement Policy” and in 1997 the faculty meeting further passed the supplement “NCYU Undergraduate English Proficiency & Graduation Eligibility Policy” along with the “NCYU Graduates English Proficiency Policy” to enhance students’ language performance. Specifically the above policies mandate that in addition to the academic credits counting towards the major, all undergraduates and graduates should demonstrate their English competence by achieving designated English standards prior to graduation.

Students must take one of the accredited and standardized English proficiency tests and attain a score equivalent to the CEF B1 (Threshold) level or above in order to meet the NCYU English Proficiency Graduation Requirement. The score equivalency of other accredited proficiency tests are listed below:


Score Equivalency to CEF B1

Cambridge Main Suite

Preliminary English Test (PET) or above


ALTE Level 2 or above


Total score of the three written tests: 195 or above


First Test of High-Intermediate Level or Second Test of Intermediate Level or above


457 or above


47 or above


550 or above


4 or above


Level 1: 230 or above; Level 2: 240 or above

Students are welcome to submit the score report application of selected English proficiency tests to the Language Center at any time when they have attained the official score report. The score report application procedure is specified online at: .

After the score report application form is submitted and reviewed by the Language Center, the students who fail to achieve the CEF B1 threshold can register our NCYU-based English Proficiency Test.Those who fail this on-campus test as well will need to attend supplementary courses provided by the Language Center and pass the evaluation for graduation eligibility.






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