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last update time 2022/02/07
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** College English Program


Curriculum Overview

National Chiayi University (NCYU) strives to promote vigorous studies to enhance the English proficiency of our undergraduates. The Language Center of NCYU is committed to developing and implementing freshman and sophomore English curriculum and catering study programs to individual needs. Our mission is to assist the University in meeting the challenges of the increasingly internationalized nature of higher education and prepare students for the accredited English proficiency tests required for NCYU graduation eligibility.


The students of NCYU are required to take six credits of English communication training courses: English Communication Training I, II and III. The students take the six credits in the two semesters of the freshmen year, and either the first or the second semester of the sophomore year.


The program aims to:

1. Prepare students to master learning skills and attain proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and presenting in English to communicate effectively with the global community.

2. Help students understand and appreciate other cultures’ world views, unique ways of living, and behavior patterns.

3. Equip students to interpret a variety of authentic live, print, and technology-based resources to access knowledge related to all university-wide disciplines.

4. Help students understand the nature of language systems, including English and Chinese, and how language and thought are inextricably linked.

5. Prepare students to pursue language learning on their own for personal enjoyment and enrichment and to advance career opportunities.

The focus skills to be developed in English Communication Training I, II and III are:

English Communication Training I

English Communication Training II

English Communication Training III

Listening & Speaking

Reading & Writing






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