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** About Us


Evolution and Brief


Originally the state-run music group of Elementary Education Department of National Chiayi Teachers College set department as " Music Education Department " independently by August 1, 1993. National Chiayi University (NCYU) was formed in February 2000 by merging the National Chiayi Institute of Technology (NCIT) and National Chiayi Teachers College (NCTC). This Department reforms system and is under College of Humanities and Arts as " Music Department ".

Our Chairpersons

First, Music Education Department period:

1. Professor Dong-Zhe Lin (1993/8-1994/7): The first Chairman
2. Associate Professor Mei-jiao Lin (1994/8-1995/7)
3. Associate Professor Yu-Ling Liang (1995/8-1997/7)
4. Associate Professor Yi-Chaun Shou (1997/8-2000/7)

Second, Music Department period:

1. Associate Professor Yu-Ling Liang (2000/8-2003/7)
2. Professor Rong-Yi Liu (2003/7-2009/8)
3. Associate Professor  Chun-Hsien Chang (2009/8-2012/7)
4. Associate Professor  Heng-Chen Chao (2012/8-2014/7)
5. Professor Chun-Hsien Chang (2015/8-2017/7)
6. Professor Yuh-Fen Tseng (2017/8-2021/1)

7.Asssociate Professor Hung-Ling Chen (2021/2-now) 

Introduction to Music Department

One, idea that set up departments

First, train the speciality of performing talents

After Chiayi University  changed system into and set up in the 89th year of the Republic of China, are originally made the transition as the music department by the original music education department. Based on the goal of forming of the skill, the department sets up symphony orchestra, maintains the  chorus and various ensemble groups, and plans all kinds of music performance activites, hoping to promote students' stage experience and cultivate their music talent.

Second, pay attention to the academic research

Third, foster music education teachers

Two, course structure

First, know and educate openly

Combine the teaching resources of the whole school, offer every field to know course openly, classmates can select in accordance with the interest.

Second, the speciality is compulsory

Emphasize such courses as instrumental major and minor, Western music history, and ensemble, chorus,orchestra, etc..

Third, the speciality is taken

Accord with era and pulse, social demand, plan to adopt the progressive tactics, enable classmate's capital to have the clear one to select the concept of the lesson in course.

Fourth, pedagogy one

There is this school ' teachers foster the centre ', already having on a foundation in ' the teachers college ', have perfect cultivation systems, and concurrently heavy theory and practice, can meet the demand of the person who has lofty ideals for music teaching.

Fifth, Course Stucture

Since 2016, the Department of Music has reformed and modularized the courses for corresponding with the teaching concept of curriculum tracking at National Chiayi University. The courses have been divided into three programs: Performance, Teaching and Musical Production. We combine our programs with other modularized curriculum of other departments at National Chiayi University. The students are encouraged to make good use of the resources and take courses in different departments to cultivate second specialty, and also have greater capacities after graduation by multiple learning.

Three, Faculty

There are 15 full-time teachers now in this department, 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 3 assistant professors, 3 lecturers among them; 44 part-time teachers, with master's or doctoral degrees, are all experienced teachers and excellend performers. Since 2017, the Department of Music has hired two international instructors providing professional teaching of piano performance and Jazz ensemble respectively.

Four, Facility

Please check "Facilities" under "Aims".





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