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last update time 2023/05/31
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Office of Student Affairs


DeanProfessor Jung-Chang Tang
Vice DeanProfessor Yi-Wen Liu
SecretaryMr. Chung-Yuan Chen
Secretary AssistantMiss Ni-Ling Chiang

Group Group leader Business Contact telephone E-Mail
Division of Military Education Instructor
Tseng  Yu  Chi

National Defence Education、Service period discount、Military service、Student accident handling、Chunhui
Division of Student Assistance Professor
Yan-Ting Lin

Student awards and grants、Loan of university study、Student bursary、Rewards and punishments、Class leave、Dormitory、Management of part-time
Division of Student Activities Professor
Hsuan-Wien Chen
School celebrations and graduation ceremonies handing、Extracurricular activities、Guiding student societies、Service learning、Protocol
Center of Student Counseling Professor
Yu-Pei Shen
Coaching and counseling、Psychological test、Class tutor business、Handling student
Center of Career Development Professor
Jou-Man  Huang
Career consulting services、Employment counseling、Campus talent recruitment activities、Graduate career
Division of Health Care Professor
Su-Mei Wu
Infectious disease prevention、Health test for freshman、Group insurance、Emergency treatment for sick
Division of Student Affairs in Minhsiung Campus Professor  Kuang-Ming Wu Comprehensive life counseling 、Extracurricular activities guidance 2263411-
Center of Indigenous Student Resource Dean
Jung-Chang Tang
Planning and coordinating the development of the center、Supervise and control of plan implementation 、Liaison and coordination with central and local
Center of Special Education Student Resource Dean
Jung-Chang Tang
Support for disabled partners、parents、tutors、teachers and students、Special education promotion for teachers and

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