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Office of Student Affairs Minsyong Campus (OSAMC) was established in 2000 when National Chiayi University was formed by merging the National Chiayi Teachers’College and National Chiayi Institute of Technology. OSAMC is a branch of the Office of Student’s Affairs main campus at LanTan in charge of a variety of tasks on guiding students to organize their extracurricular activities,life guidance,counseling,students loans, and reduction of tuition and fees based on particular regulations, students’ insurance, and health related issues. OSAMC also organizes intramural talent contests to encourage our students to explore the various facets of their potentials. The division
provides services as follow:

•Help to manage student’s affairs on life guidance
•Manage students’ loans, and r reduction of tuition and fees based on particular regulations
•Help students to arrange counselors to manage their psychological issues
•Plan and hold symposiums for club chair
•Consult on the establishment of new student clubs
•Consult on re-election of club executives
•Recommend club supervisors
•Conduct training programs for student club executives
•Monitor student clubs' regulations issue certificates to students' 
participation in extracurricular activities
•Consult on activities for student clubs; review financial supports for each
activity application
•Invite supervisors/instructors to join the clubs
•Consult on activities in summer and winter breaks
•Give permission and consultation on public academic symposiums and 
exhibits for student clubs
•Review student clubs' posters and their posting areas
•Select students with extraordinary performance as the school   
representatives to participate in academic activities and contests the campus
•Manage student clubs' finance, possession, and equipment;
•Arrange the annual budget of the Extracurricular Activity Section
•Arrange the budget for hiring skilled instructors
•Review the application of financial support for student clubs
•Select clubs with great performance and achievements
•Select and recommend club members for off-campus festivals/activities
•Provide consultations on national university activities
•Recommend students for part-time jobs    





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