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Wen-Hsing Chang, Assistant Professor

Dr. Wen-Hsing Vincent Chang 

Assistant Professor

TEL: 05-2717765
FAX: 05-2743732


1997 Ph.D. Graduate group of Genetics, UC Davis, California, USA

1987 B.S. Department of agricultural biochemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Professional Experience

2004/08-current, Assistant professor, Faculty of BioAgriculture Sciences, National Chiayi University, Taiwan.

2008/02-2009/02, division chief, Office of research and development, National Chiayi University, Taiwan.

2007/02-2009/08, CEO, Taiwan Tilapia Associate., Taiwan.

2001/08-2004/07, Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Medicine, National Chiayi University, Taiwan..

1997/02-2001/06, Post Doc, Institute of Environment and Health Sciences , Wayne State University, Michigan, USA.

1991/09-1997/02, Research Assistant, Graduate Group of Genetics., UC Davis, California, USA. 

1990/08-1991/06, Visiting Scholar, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, UC Davis, California, USA. 

1989/08-1990/06, Research Assistant, Graduate Institute of Clinic Medicine, Medical School, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

Research Interests

1. Establish sperm-mediated gene transfer’s method to generate transgenic chicken, turkeys, and ducks.

2. Clone and utilize animal virus genes for developing subunit vaccines against viral infection.

3. Screen microbes that are rich in lipid content as the sources of bio-fuel.

4. Breed pathogen resistant tilapia by mutation.

5. Isolate phages that are capable of destroying bacterial pathogens.


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2. Wen-Hsing Chang, Sekhar P-M Reddy, Peter Di, Ken Yoneda, and Reen Wu, “An Unusual Participation of Four RARE-like Half Sites in the Regulation of Both Basal and Retinoid Enhanced Human Thioredoxin Gene Expression”, Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol, 26(5):627-35; (June 2002).

3. Vincent Wen-Hsing Chang, and Ye-Shih Ho, “Structural Characterization of the Mouse Foxf1a Gene", GENE, 267, p 201-211. (Feb 2001).

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5. Vincent Wen-Hsing Chang, Dissertation: “Characterization of Thioredoxin Gene: Regulation and Functional Expression” UC Davis, March 1997.


1. W. H. Chang and. Yi-Jun Chen, 2008. Subunit vaccine of DHBV and its method of preparation. R.O.C. patent, Application number: 097143630

2. W. H. Chang and. Chi-Lu Liu, 2009. Biosensor of malachite green. R.O.C. patent, Application number: 098134761

Aims of Research :

animal vaccine development (動物疫苗)

virus titer analysis (病毒檢測)

enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA, 酵素免疫分析)

blood physiology (動物血液生理分析)

screening probiotics (益生菌篩選鑑定)

transgenic animals (動物基因轉殖)

breeding of pathogen resistant tilapia by mutagenesis (抗病吳郭魚之育種)

Research Results:

Products of animal vaccines.

Patent of DHBV vaccine.

Transgenic turkey

GFP is expressed in the macrophages of transgenic turkey.

Pathogen resistant tilapia.