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Tong-Seung Tseng, Assistant Professor

Tong-Seung Tseng  Ph.D. 


Assistant Professor 

Department of BioAgricultural Science
National ChiaYi University

Tel: +886-5-2717752

Fax: +886-5-2717755



-Blue Light Responses Mediated by PHOTOTROPINs inArabidopsis: signal transduction of phototropism

 -Enhancing Nitrogen Fixation by Blue Light Treatments :Activating LOV-His Kinase of Rhizobium leguminosarumby blue light to enhance nitrogen fixationn and increasingseed yield in fava bean and pea.

Selected Publications:

1.Sycz G., Carrica M.C., Tseng T.S. , Bogomolni R.A.,Briggs W.R., Goldbaum F.A., Paris G. (2015)LOVHistidine Kinase Modulates the General Stress ResponseSystem and Affects the virB Operon Expression in Brucellaabortus. PLoS One 10(5): e0124058.

2.Tseng T.S.,Whippo C., Hangarter R.P., and Briggs W.R.(2012) The Role of a 14-3-3 Protein in Stomatal OpeningMediated by PHOT2 in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 24:1114-1126.

3.Tseng T.S. and Briggs W.R. (2010) The Arabidopsis rcn1Mutation Confers Impaired Dephosphorylation of Phot2Resulting in Enhanced Blue-Light Responses. Plant Cell22:392-402.

4.Swartz T.E., Tseng T.S., Frederickson M.A., Paris G.,Comerci D.J., Rajashekara G., Kim J.G., Mudgett M.B.,Splitter G.A., Ugalde R.A., Goldbaum F.A. , Briggs W.R.,and Bogomolni R.A. (2007) Blue-Light-Activated HistidineKinases : Two-Component Sensors in Bacteria. Science317:1090-1093.