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The most important things about biomedical and biopharmaceutical research include the development of the materials, the drug assessment of physiological activity. The future goal of our institute is to perform clinical efficacy and safety of drugs and health food, which apply in human medication, veterinary medication, and gene therapy. 

  1. To establish the herbologic courses in the south of Taiwan
  2. To establish the materials and specimen database of local original medicine resource.
  3. To establish the identify center of the traditional medicine. This center will identify the inner structure and outer structure, the second metabolite of the traditional medicine, and establish the database by using technology of chemistry, biology and molecule. It will be one of the resources in new drug research.
  4. To develop the natural therapy-purpose recourses.
  5. The research and the clinical therapy estimation of the pharmacology of Chinese herbs.
  6. The research of related genes of the important diseases and application of gene therapy.
  7. The research of human related biotechnology, like cosmetic, healthy food etc. 
    Because of the lack of the research equipments and people in the Chiayi area, our institute can establish and train the related people of biomedicine, to promote the medical treatment quality in the Chiayi area.  


The long-term goals for the department are to improve our laboratory instruments to create qualify graduates for future needs of the Bio-tech Industry and offer better courses for students to learn more about modern Microbiology, Biotechnology, as well as Biomedical Science.


  • Research will continue to cover areas of both academic and practical value, with a broaden emphasis on Medical & Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Human Physiology, Immunology, Molecular Microbiology and Applied Microbiology.
  • Research teams will be formed and enhanced to promote cooperation with the industry of applied and microbial biotechnology in south and central Taiwan. Based on the simple idea, “applying the knowledge of Microbiology and Immunology”, future collaboration with various types of industry segments are welcomed.
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